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Find Your Dream

What’s the ultimate backyard swimming pool? Is it a cozy, romantic getaway for two or a splashy playground for family fun? Is it the neighborhood “Party Central” or a place to escape and unwind? A tropical lagoon? A woodland meadow? A soothing oasis in an exotic, faraway land? It all depends... on you.

For me, the ultimate poolscape is one that truly reflects the tastes, passions and lifestyle of the people I created it for. As a designer, my goal is to get inside the heads of my clients, to discover what brings them joy, what moves them and what makes them laugh.

Hobbies, travel, personality traits — all of these go into the mix as I create a design with one person, one couple or one family in mind. I may test ideas and work with different concepts, but I always know when I hit the target with a design that dazzles their senses.

Throughout the construction process, my team and I continuously stay in touch with our clients’ needs, wishes and sense of style. We respond with unique details woven into every aspect of the project.

When it’s complete, there’s nothing I enjoy more than showing my clients the unique environment we’ve created just for them. I’ll be honest; I’m usually as blown away by the results as they are. I can say that with all humility because these special places are always the product of a team effort between my clients, my staff and myself.

I hope you enjoy this tour of twenty-five of my favorite pool and spa projects. Along the way, I’ll share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned so you can use them in your own backyard design.

Most of all, I hope you can share in the fun my clients and I had in making these dreams reality. When I was young, I spent a lot of time playing with Legos. The bricks are a lot bigger and heavier now, but it’s still the same game and I love playing it.

This book is dedicated to my clients, who’ve given me the freedom to play with their ideas and dreams, push the boundaries a bit and bring it all to life. The designs may be mine, but the inspiration is all yours.